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Jearwon Microelectronics Raises Equity Investment Funding from the Jilin Science and Technology Investment Fund to Fuel Growth and Innovation

Changchun Jearwon Microelectronics Co., Ltd. today secured capital from the Jilin Science and Technology Investment Fund to enable it to expand its domestic and, eventually, its global operations. News of the Provincial Science and Technology Fund's investment added 3.85% to the shares of Jearwon Microelectronics.

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Jearwon Microelectronics & Microsoft to Partner on Cloud Desktop Business Solutions

REDMOND, Wash., and CHANGCHUN, China — June 28, 2016 —On 9:00( Beijing Time), Microsoft Technology Licensing LLC and Jearwon Microelectronics today announced a new partnership that will expand cloud-based business solutions for enterprise customers around the world. This collaboration– which includes the delivery of patent license rights on remote desktop technology comes as Jearwon Microelectronics, which specializes in the design and manufacture of high-performance central processing unit (CPU) technology, unveiled its Z1 CPU and ZERO PAD:trademark: products at their headquarters in Changchun, China today as well

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2016“JWM-JLU open source project and personnel training program”

JWM-JLU open source project and personnel training program is proposed by Jearwon Microelectronics company and associated with Colleges of Software, Electronic Science &Engineering, Communication Engineering, Computer Science and Technology, Jilin University. JLU-JWM Program will be carried out in the form of university and enterprise cooperation guiding, and help undergraduates to select hot filed and direction as open source project subject for developing. Xu Gaochao, Chang Yuchun and other Supervisors will join to develop and guide the JWM-JLU Cloud Classroom, Jearcore developing, Project Nian and Cloud Terminal testing programs.

2016“Project Nian(Open protocol for thin - client management)”

To achieve unified management and maintenance of user terminal management systems, cloud desktop management systems and other network management systems for multi-vendor, heterogeneous thin-client systems with different architectures, there by promoting the healthy and rapid development and progress of the desktop cloud industry.

2014 "Jearwon Z1" certificate

In 2014 the company Jearwon Microelectronics registered a layout design for integrated circuits with the State Intellectual Property Office of China which issued this certificate.

Jearwon Z1 Open Week

The company’s open week will be held on August 25, 2014. We invite all to visit us. Please notify us of your intention to visit by emailing

Jearwon Microelectronics in the Changchun Daily Newspaper

Changchun Jearwon Microelectronics News: Jearwon Microelectronics independently developed and designed the Jearwon Z1 CPU, the beta version of which has successfully been implemented in tablets. Jearwon recently completed electrical, functionality and stability performance tests on the Jearwon Z1 CPU which displayed video playback that was superior to that from similar products. Jearwon’s team, after five years of working together, has successfully created the best performing CPU to come out of north eastern China.

Northeast China’s First CPU: Jearwon Microelectronics

(Transferred from Changchun’s broadcast network) Jearwon Microelectronics CPU can be used with security-sensitive information from government departments, enterprises and institutions. It is a safe and reliable system based on the Jearwon Z1 CPU which won international awards. Internally, the Jearwon Z1 CPU is energy efficient and reliable.

Yushuo Huang's lecture

Jearwon Microelectronics Chief Designer Yushuo Huang has been invited by Jilin University’s School of Electronics to give a lecture at the southern campus. The title of the lecture is "Digital System Design—design practice first principles". All are invited to attend on October 14, 2014 at 6pm in Jilin University’s South Campus, Technology Building, Classroom B108. The talk will be followed by a Q&A session.