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Jearwon Microelectronics Raises Equity Investment Funding
from the Jilin Science and Technology Investment Fund
to Fuel Growth and Innovation

CHANGCHUN, Jilin Province -- November 29, 2016 9:30 am (Beijing time)

Changchun Jearwon Microelectronics Co., Ltd. (Jearwon Microelectronics) today secured capital from the Jilin Science and Technology Investment Fund (Provincial Science and Technology Fund) to enable it to expand its domestic and, eventually, its global operations. News of the Provincial Science and Technology Fund's investment added 3.85% to the shares of Jearwon Microelectronics.

Jearwon Microelectronics was established in August 2013 and is located in the High-Tech Development Zone of Changchun City in Jilin province. It is a fabless semi-conductor manufacturing company that develops and designs special processors for information processing in emerging big-data areas such as cloud computing and the Internet-of-Things. On November 2, 2015, Jearwon Microelectronics announced it had independently developed China's first 32-bit desktop cloud terminal CPU and moved into mass production. The Jearwon Z1 CPU's advantages include its affordable price and its reliability and security (no back doors).

The Provincial Science and Technology Fund works to transform promising scientific and technological achievements in Jilin Province and provides an investment and financing platform for such ventures. The main areas of funding are mineral resources risk exploration, venture capital for provincial science and technology enterprises, and provincial university research. The Fund is responsible for managing government funds, has RMB 1.5 billion ($220 million) in capital and has directly invested in more than 100 projects.

Jearwon Microelectronics will use the secured funding to attract high-end talent and explore further areas of product application and next-generation product development. The investment will also permit Jearwon to accelerate the promotion of a truly local CPU and break the foreign monopoly in this field. Jearwon's activities have started the creation of a core of domestically developed products with independent intellectual property rights in China and the company continues to advance in developing alternatives to the traditional PC and realizing breakthroughs in China's integrated circuit industry.

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Jilin Province Science and Technology Investment Fund Ltd.

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